Morning Joe Panel: Jim Jordan Was Placed on 1/6 Panel to Make it a Sideshow [VIDEO]

Following the 1/6 insurrection, Kevin McCarthy talked tough about punishing the people responsible for the event. But just weeks later, he was down in Mar-a-Lago, desperately trying to appease former president Donald Trump.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

And the House Minority Leader is continuing to protect Trump by making a bad faith effort to investigate the riot. Rather than placing competent congresspeople on the panel, he inserted 3 Republicans who voted against certifying the election following the riots.

Discussing the panel on Tuesday’s Morning Joe, contributor Jonathan Lemire opined, “Three of the picks [voted against certifying Joe Biden’s electoral win], and they did so after the insurrection. he vote came after the rioters breached the Capitol, so it’s a clear signal here from Republican leader Kevin McCarthy as to which direction he wants to take the hearings.”

The AP reporter then moved onto Jim Jordan:

“Jim Jordan, as we know, is one of former President Trump’s most vocal defenders and has been willing to say untruths in order to defend the president, and we know he still speaks to the former president frequently. So there’s no sense that the House speaker Nancy Pelosi will object to these picks, but we will learn more in the next day or so if that were to be the case. But I think there are real fears among Democrats this is going to be a sideshow. This is going to be more of the same from Republicans, that they will continue to latch onto the ‘big lie,’ that they will need to contest the election that there were voter irregularities, and continue to downplay what happened on Jan. 6, to try to whitewash the riot that day in order to move forward with their eyes on the midterms next fall.”

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