‘Morning Joe’ Hosts Break Down ‘Erratic’ Behavior of ‘Panicked’ Trump

The hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe did not mince words when it came to analyzing the behavior of President Donald Trump during the COVID-19 pandemic. As things progress and show no sign of slowing down, all eyes have turned to the catastrophic handling of the pandemic by the Trump Administration.

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Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, the married couple who co-host the show, when it came to eft no stone unturned while describing Trump’s reaction to his own plummeting poll numbers amid the pandemic. They described Trump as “panicked” and “erratic.”  Brzezinski said:

Yes, yes, Donald Trump, your people may not be watching ‘Morning Joe’ and getting a different point of view, but they’re talking to their doctors, they’re looking around them, they’re reading about this because they’re scared. Everywhere they look refutes what you say. That’s a very difficult position for a president trying to navigate politically, when he should be navigating scientifically and working to save American lives, which he is not doing.”

“That is not his No. 1 priority, if you look at the way he lays out what he wants to message to the American people. He wants to message his brand, he wants to message his so-called strength, he wants to rebrand what has happened in the beginning of this pandemic, and try to make it look like he was prepared. He is worried about his optics, and everyone can see it. It’s completely obvious.”

Scarborough piled on the broadside, eviscerating Trump’s lack of control:

“He seemed more panicked. It’s like he’s completely losing control. I mean, I know he’s seen all the numbers, we’ll get to the numbers from the states, you know, losing, really losing support among senior citizens, really losing support in Michigan, really losing support in Wisconsin, really losing support in Pennsylvania, losing support in Florida — losing support in these swing states.”

“We’ve known this for weeks, we’ve said this for weeks. The president still doesn’t get it. His numbers are collapsing because he still doesn’t get it.”

The thing is, Trump cannot lie or rally his way out of a global pandemic. This crisis tests his ability to lead, and it exposes his greatest weaknesses. Regardless of party affiliation, people can now see what a disaster the pandemic has been as far as Trump and his administration’s handling of it.

Regardless of how anyone feels about politics, Trump has cost American lives here, and many people find that to be unforgivable, no matter who you are.

Watch the hosts’ remarks below:

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