Morning Joe: GOP Media Has to 'Make Sh*t Up' About Joe Biden

While polling shows him in a tight race with Donald Trump, Joe Biden is doing plenty of things right. The economy is strong, and violent crime is plummeting. Biden recently took care of one of the GOP's most prominent complaints by signing an executive order concerning border crossings. 

The GOP is in a tough position as Biden is clearly doing a much better job as President than Donald Trump ever did. So attacks against the current President continue to leak out of Conservative media and Joe Scarborough ripped the GOP on Tuesday for making things up. 

The Morning Joe host first ripped last week's Wall St. Journal story on Biden where Kevin McCarthy was used as a primary source. 

"They knew that Kevin McCarthy, what he was telling the Wall Street Journal was a lie," Scarborough began. "They knew because Kevin McCarthy said before what a great negotiator Biden had been at the very meeting where they tried to get McCarthy to say, well, he was out of it. It is a big tell – they talked to senators and Nancy Pelosi and others who said, 'No, no, let me explain to to you what happened in the meeting.'"

Scarborough continued:

"With Biden, the Republican Party has to make sh*t up. I'm sorry, I can't think of a better way to say that. Trying to make Biden look old and demented. Trump does it every day on the campaign trail, and people just laugh. Yeah, he's crazy – look at that. Can you believe he is so stupid, he talks about this? He melts down when his teleprompter goes down. That's funny. That's the political world we're living in in 2024."