Morning Joe Explains The New Low Trump Hit New Low on Christmas

Most politicians can take time during the holidays to get away from social media and spend quality time with their family. Donald Trump can't do that, however. The former President spent the holidays raging against his enemies and all those he belived have wronged him. 

Filling in for Joe Scarborough on Tuesday morning, Jonathan Lemire and Al Sharpton discussed Trump's rage and agreed that he is becoming increasingly unhinged. Lemire began by reading a message from Trump where he called for those against him to 'rot in hell.' 

The host then asked Sharpton, "The anger from Donald Trump, the bad faith attacks about his political opponents, what does that say to you just about where he is right now mentally and emotionally as this year draws to a close and we barrel into an election year?"

It's two things," Sharpton repled.  "I think it shows that these indictments and the civil case, despite his pretense otherwise, has gotten to him, because he's reacting and responding in a way of no one projecting self-confidence or like this is nothing."

The reverend continued, "I also think it shows an inner kind of anger and displacement that he has, because who spends the holiday with this kind of venom, particularly when he is a guy that claims to be this self-confident, self-made guy with this kind of darkness, unless you are just that kind of dark person."

Lemire closed, "We've certainly gotten used to Trump's unorthodox holiday messages, 'the haters,' but this one hit a new low, even for him."