Morning Joe: Even Donald Trump's Pals Know That He's Busted [VIDEO]

Donald Trump doesn't have all that many long-time friends. The former President is happy to turn on people who have supported him at a moment's notice. This was on display this week when Trump went after Kayleigh McEnany saying that she misrepresented his polling numbers. 

The former President also finds himself in serious legal problems, problems that could mean that he won't be able to run for the top office in 2024. Joe Scarborough noted on Friday that even those still close to Trump know he's in trouble. 

The MSNBC host began, "I will say, though, you look at the two cases that should cause Donald Trump the most concern, Georgia and, at least in my opinion, Georgia and the documents case. They've got the tapes, they've got the receipts, they've got his own voice, the voice that the grand jury heard. He can call it witch hunt all he wants, but they've got him dead to right on intent, on stealing the documents."

Scarborough continued:

"It is so interesting, you're hearing that reporting, because I started hearing that a week ago, that despite the bravado, Trump himself and people close to Trump are really, really concerned about the documents case," Scarborough said, "and they understand that he's busted. Now, I heard that a week ago. I'm wondering if this tape had something to do with that. People who have been whistling past the graveyard the last five, six, seven years, there's been a change around Trump's people, and they know he is busted. Even Trump is deeply concerned about this."