Morning Joe Crew: Dems Are Worried About QAnon Reps Having Access to Biden, Pelosi, Harris

This past election season saw the election of congressional candidates with very disturbing beliefs. Both Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA) and Lauren Boebert (CO) have expressed belief in QAnon in their past.

Photo credit should read EMILY KASK/AFP via Getty Images

Boebert has had a troubling start to her term. Last week, she said that she would be wearing a gun on the House floor. She also revealed the location of Nancy Pelosi during last weeks insurrection.

On Tuesday, the Morning Joe Crew discussed the danger of having people like this with the halls of Congress. And according to host Willie Geist, Democrats in the House are thinking the same thing.

Geist told the panel:

“I had a conversation last night with a House Democrat who said, ‘My god, I stopped in my tracks and I realized yesterday there are members of Congress, many of them in this new freshman class, who shouldn’t be anywhere near Nancy Pelosi, shouldn’t be anywhere near Joe Biden or Kamala Harris at the inauguration.’ A member of Congress, this House Democrat said they shouldn’t be near them. Their suggestion, as you say in ads, that they are going to carry weapons with them around the Capitol. Think about that, a member of the House of a new colleague coming in saying, ‘I don’t think we should be around this person, and I certainly don’t think this person should be around the leadership of our country. They are too dangerous.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of MSNBC:

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