Morning Joe Blasts Mitch McConnell for Backing Trump [VIDEO]

Mitch McConnell never really hid the fact that he didn't like Donald Trump. The Republican leader, though, was more than happy to take advantage of the fact that Trump was in office to help meet his goals. And once Trump was voted out of office, McConnell was seemingly done with him. 

The Kentucky Senator blasted the 45th President following the January 6th insurrection, though he opted against voting for his impeachment. But now that Trump is again the candidate, McConnell is backing him. And he was blasted by the panel of Morning Joe for doing so. 

Guest George Conway weighed in, "Right, why not go out and just say what you think? He did say what he thought on that -- for that brief, shining moment on Feb. 13, 2021, where he said not only the stuff we just saw on tape, he said, 'There's a criminal law in this country.' He was endorsing Jack Smith before Jack Smith was even appointed."

Host Joe Scarborough later responded:

"But that even raises a question: What is it about Donald Trump? Someone can insult someone's wife or husband, or in Mitch McConnell's case, continue racist slurs against his wife, and they're just fine with it. I just -- that's not -- I'm not even looking at Donald Trump there. I'm looking at these people. I'm looking at my former friends. Like, 'Yeah, he called you a murderer, but I'm voting for him anyway. Regulations, you know, they'll be down under Trump' – crazy."