Morning Joe: Biden Team Driving Trump Nuts With Videos of his Incoherence

Donald Trump and the Republican party have long argued that Joe Biden is too old and addled to be the President. The problem for them is, that Trump is making far more gaffes on the campaign trail than Biden. 

And when Trump does make one of his embarrassing mistakes, the Biden team is quick to post a video of it to their Twitter page. According to Joe Scarborough, this tactic is driving the Republican nuts. 

The Morning Joe host began:

"Donald Trump says something stupid, it's up online, like, 15 seconds later. It's on TikTok, it's on YouTube, it's on X, it's on Instagram reels. I mean, we've been seeing this over the last week, just how quickly they're moving on Trump. I've got to say, I think this is why Trump got away with this in the past, because all his opponents were flat-footed. Maybe even the Biden campaign in 2020 didn't have to do this as much as they're doing in 2024."

Scarborough continued, "But you can sense, there is a real understanding, Donald Trump loses his mind, forgets what he's saying, confuses Barack Obama with Joe Biden, confuses World War II with whatever the hell he was confusing."

The former congressman closed, "[Trump] confuses Nikki Haley with Nancy Pelosi. The whole world is going to see in three seconds, and they're going to see in three seconds because they're on him now. You talk about a tight man-to-man defense, I mean, you cover the White House. What's happened over the past week or two? I mean, pause, they are really -- the rapid response has to be driving Donald Trump crazy."