More Tucker Carlson Tapes to be Released; These Focused on Race

Yesterday wasn’t a great day for Tucker Carlson who had tapes released which featured the Fox News host disparaging women. Carlson was largely ambivalent about the tapes and refused to apologize.

Photo by Linda Spillers/WireImage for Bragman Nyman Cafarelli

It now seems that this is not the only recording of Carlson making offensive remarks. The website, Media Matters, will reportedly release tapes that feature Carlson making offensive comments regarding race.

According to a Media Matters spokesman, these recordings will, “give some additional insight into Tucker’s worldview vis-a-vis race and ethnicity.” The release of the tapes have been coordinated, the first calling attention to misogyny, the second to racism.

The timing of the tapes is also important. Fox News will be holding an event this week focused on wooing advertisers. Media Matters said they were aware of the meeting. The spokesperson continued, “We certainly want to make sure [the new tapes] are released when they can be most helpful to the media buying decision makers.”

Carlson, who has a close relationship with the president, has been a frequent target of liberal watchdog groups. Late last year, the host lost 26 advertisers after making offensive comments regarding immigrants.

Neither Fox News or Tucker Carlson have commented on the reveal of Media Matters plans.

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