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More the 1,000 People Grab up New “Magacoin” Crypto Only to Have Personal Data Leaked

More the 1,000 People Grab up New “Magacoin” Crypto Only to Have Personal Data Leaked

If it sounds too good to be true… it usually is. Nevertheless over 1,000 individuals signed up to purchase the new cryptocurrency dubbed as the “Magacoin.” Some of the people signing up to purchase this latest crypto offering reported include Republican leaders and conservative media personalities.

A website apparently connected to the cryptocurrency exposed user’s personal information, such as passwords and IP addresses. The website also exposed if the vast majority of the maggot coin has gone to the currency’s creator Mark Zelinka, and a Super Pac closely associated with Zelinka.

Unfortunately, the security tied to the website exposed the personal information of its users, including passwords and IP addresses, Someone describing themselves as a “hacktivist” leaked the information to the Guardian.

Information obtained by the paper showed what appeared to be so far lackluster sales with most users purchasing only 100 Magacoins each. There was reportedly a “special offer” made to “certain radio hosts” bloggers, grassroots groups, and other media personalities, all of who promised to promote the latest in cryptocurrency offerings. Conservative talk radio host John Rush reportedly holds 1,500 magacoins according to the data breach.

Rush once hosted Zelinka on his show. Zelinka owns Colorado-based Carmart, Inc. and has reportedly applied for a trademark on the Magacoin. and Zelinka administers a Facebook page for the currency. Zelinka offers another version of the story insisting he no longer controls Magacoin and has handed off all aspects of the project to…you guessed it, Reilly O’Neal. O’Neal is alleged to control multiple Super Pacs partially funded by Super PACS intended to support MAGA leaning candidates in races all over the US.

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Here’s the best tidbit of all…a 10-million Magacoin gift was made to the Magacoin Victory Fund. The gift came from an email address that appears to be controlled by O’Neal, a North Carolina GOP operative, while a 2-million Magacoin gift appears to have come from an account controlled by Zelinka.

Many remember O’Neal for his work on the losing campaign of accused pedophile judge Roy Moore, and O’Neal allegedly holds an equity stake in what has been described as the “right-wing conspiracy website Big League Politics.

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