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More Network Calls for a Biden Arizona Win

More Network Calls for a Biden Arizona Win

A couple more nails were driven into Donald Trump’s election coffin Thursday night as two more networks and Edison Research officially called the election in Arizona for President-elect Joe Biden. Capturing Arizona’s 11 electoral college votes gives Biden an insurmountable 290-217 vote lead over the incumbent.

By declaring that Biden had flipped the state, ABC, NBC and Edison confirmed what The Associated Press and Fox, both of which have different criteria they employ for declaring an election winner, had projected on election night. Trump reportedly blasted Fox owner Rupert Murdoch for his network’s decision to award the state to the former vice president.

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Biden, who won the support of Cindy McCain, widow of the late Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain, is the first Democrat to carry the state since President Bill Clinton did it in 1996. He has a lead of about 11,000 votes – 0.3 percentage points. Trump won Arizona in the 2016 election by 3.5 points. Before Clinton, the last Democrat Arizona had supported for president was Harry S. Truman in 1948.

That leaves only two states that have not yet declared a winner: Georgia and North Carolina. Georgia on Friday morning is beginning a recount by hand of the nearly five million ballots cast there and has pledged to complete it and announce certified results by midnight on Wednesday, Nov. 18. President-elect Biden currently has a lead of about 14,000 votes.

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In North Carolina county election officials are set to begin certifying results today. It had to wait to do so until after the 5:00 p.m., Nov. 12 deadline had passed for all mail-in ballots, which had to have been postmarked by election day, Nov. 3, to have been received. Trump leads Biden by less than two percentage points there, making the race too close to call. Fifteen electoral college votes are up for grabs in North Carolina. Even if they do fall into Trump’s column he would still fall short of Biden’s total.

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