‘More Indictments Are Coming From Mueller,’ Says Former White House Counsel John Dean

John Dean became publicly known for testifying against Richard Nixon after serving as his counsel. Few lawyers understand the process Robert Mueller is undertaking better than Dean.

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

That means when Dean makes declarative statements, it’s important to pay attention. Last night on CNN, the former Nixon lawyer claimed that not only are more indictments coming, but that there will also be a general conspiracy indictment.

Dean told Anderson Cooper, “I’ve felt that all along, [Mueller] has been building various cases through indictments. Conspiracy cases. We have witnesses like [Rick] Gates who they’ve asked to hold off for 60 days until they complete the work with him. There are other witnesses that are out there. I just don’t see a wrap on it at this time.”

Cooper then asked the lawyer if he thought the indictments and final report could come at the same time. Dean replied, “It could be simultaneously. If there’s a rumor in town [that the Mueller report is coming]—I don’t know who’s putting the rumor out, I don’t have a clue—I wonder if the White House is doing it, trying to build up all this to make it appear the investigation is being dragged out.”

ABC News’ Jonathan Karl disagrees with Dean’s assessment. According to Karl, sources within the White House believe that no more indictments are expected. He believes comments from Rod Rosenstein make it clear that the investigation is wrapping up.

In a letter to Senate Judiciary Chairman, Chuck Grassley, Rosenstein stressed the importance of protecting the innocent. “It is important for the Department of Justice to follow established procedures, especially when the stakes are high,” the former acting Attorney General wrote.

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