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Mooch Gets Roasted After Going After Nils Lofgren On Twitter

Mooch Gets Roasted After Going After Nils Lofgren On Twitter

The advent of social media has given outsiders a special inside look at some strange feuds between celebrities. Many of these feuds include the president, his children and his admirers from inside and outside of the White House.

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On Friday night, one of these strange feuds erupted between former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame guitarist, Nils Lofgren. After saying that “nobody knows” who Lofgren is, the Mooch was slammed by some of the biggest names in music.

To be fair, the guitarist began the drama by questioning MSNBC’s decision to have Scaramucci appear. “This ass wipe is still trying to get a gig in the White House. MSNBC why? Don’t sully yourself with this nit wit,” wrote Lofgren.

Scramucci furiously replied, “No one knows who he is. . . A complete joke. I am happy for you that I was able to raise your profile for a few moments after you attacked me. Go back to being a nobody now.”

Of course, Lofgren is quite famous. He has played in Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band in 1984 and became a member of Neil Young’s Crazy Horse and just 19 years of age.

The music community at large was quick to correct the Mooch. Rock legend David Crosby wrote, “Nils is. So much more of a human being than you Mooch.”

Country rocker Jason Isbell also chimed in. “You aren’t fit to carry Nils Lofgren’s thumbpick you idiot,” wrote Isbell.

Christopher Titus might have had the sickest burn. The comedian wrote, “Mooch, This Tweet is gold level douchebag. Bro, every time I see you I think ‘Did Scorsese open an 80’s theme park?’ Nils Lofgren is a legend, Sit down and chamois some grease from that pompadour. You’re proof that money just plugs an amplifier in the asshole you already are LMAO.”



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