Montgomery, Alabama Is Seeing A Huge Rise In COVID Cases

Many Southern states were criticized for reopening their economy earlier than CDC guidelines said they should. But places like Florida and Georgia haven’t seen an explosion in COVID-19 cases despite allowing non essential businesses to open their doors.

187th Fighter Wing/Flickr

That doesn’t mean these areas are having no issues though. Cases have been on the rise in Texas, though the state has also expanded its testing. And now Alabama’s capitol city, Montgomery, is worried about having enough ICU beds after seeing an increase in cases.

In late March, Alabama’s Governor Kay Ivey refused to issue shelter in place orders. She mockingly explained, “You’ve heard me say, we aren’t California. We are not New York.”

But now one of her cities is experiencing problems similar to New York. According to Alabama.com, “The four counties making up the Montgomery metro area have seen a combined 721 new confirmed coronavirus cases since May 4 – an increase of 110 percent.”

The mayor of Montgomery, Stephen Reed said of the situation, “I’m concerned about the current status of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Reed said. “We are seeing an increase in the number of people who test positive. Occupancy in our Intensive Care Units has reached a critical point and Montgomery hospital officials are now referring some cases to Birmingham.”

Dr. David Thrasher, who is treating COVID patients, advised, “No county is safe. I said Alabama and Montgomery hit the peak 3 weeks ago. I was wrong. Today and yesterday were better than this weekend. I hope and pray that we have peaked.”


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