Money Laundering Lawsuit Involving Trump Organization Moves Forward

Felix Sater has been accused of laundering money through the Trump Organization, and after a Monday ruling, part of the case will move forward.

Felix Sater, Donald Trump associate, charged with money laundering
[Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]

According to Law&Crime, the lawsuit alleged that Sater and his associate Daniel Ridloff used Trump properties to launder millions of dollars stolen from Kazakhstan’s BTA Bank. U.S. District Judge Alison Nathan heard a motion to dismiss the case, and did dismiss two (fraud and unlawful means conspiracy) of the five counts alleged, but allowed the other three (unjust enrichment, conversion and money had and received) to move forward. The lawsuit makes no allegations directly against Trump or his properties, but does argue that Sater used the properties to move funds, and that there was a plan to further invest the stolen money into Trump Tower Moscow, if that project had not been abandoned.

According to Vox, Sater’s connections with Trump deals go way back — he traveled with Trump and Ivanka to Moscow in 2006, and joined the future president and First Daughter on a Kremlin tour where Ivanka sat and spun in Vladimir Putin’s chair. He reportedly helped organize connections between Trump and Putin, and was connected to the Trump Tower Moscow deal, where Putin was (Sater says) to be gifted a Penthouse suite valued at $50 million.

In fact, according to Newsday, Sater comes up in Robert Mueller’s reports on Russian interference — and Trump’s involvement in that interference — in the 2016 Presidential election, more than 100 times, including references to Sater attempting to make connections for Putin to support Trump’s bid for presidency.

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