Mom Finds A Huge Surprise While Cleaning Fish, Lands On The Internet

Unprecedented Discovery

Minni and Joel loved fishing because it created an adventure to reduce stress and spend time with the kids. As they went on a fishing adventure one morning, their lives never remained the same again. What started as a normal day ended with a disastrous discovery that landed the couple on the internet.

Minni and Joel, a happily married couple, lived off the land and loved growing fruits and vegetables in their garden. They enjoyed fishing at the seaside close by to have varieties of food. They ate what they grew and taught their kids how to hunt and plant. They were self-sufficient, and all was well until one very fateful day.

One Fateful Day

They found gardening and fishing very interesting and made it their hobby. Every leisure time they had, they spent it with their children, fishing or gardening. As they went fishing, as usual, one cool morning, they caught something strange but amazing.

The Surprise

Minni moved closer to the seaside to hunt for fish. As she placed her fishing rod into the water, it got caught on something. She tried to lift the fishing rod, but she couldn't. Suddenly, as she attempted to wave the fishing rod in the air, a huge fish got stuck to the rod and landed close to her. She jolted back in because it was a weird-looking fish.

Echoing Scream

She screamed so loudly because she had never caught something like that before. After she stood up, she moved closer to look at the fish but didn't know what to do as she was still in shock. As she tried touching the fish, it moved quickly, scaring the living daylights out of her. Her loud scream drew the attention of her husband, who wondered what had happened. 

Unwanted Fish

Joel moved closer to take a view of what Minni had caught. "It's a Bowfin. It's a big catch", he laughed while holding Minni's arm. Minni was skeptical because bowfins were not a good catch for some fishermen. Only those who knew how to use it for cooking delicious meals enjoyed that type of fish. Luckily, the couple was up for any challenge and wanted to make good use of the fish.

Meal In Advance

Joel, still puzzled, figured out what he could make with the bowfin. "Yesss!!! We’re having tasty fish cakes and some baked potatoes for dinner," he said in excitement as Minni watched him stumble with the big fish. The happy couple was blissfully unaware of what was waiting in stock for them.

Cleaning Ritual

When they got home, Minni kept the extra fish in the refrigerator while she left out two that would be used in preparing dinner. She stared at the fish as she placed it in the sink. She still felt weird about it, especially as she didn't know how she would clean up the fish.

Washing Process

The thought of washing the fish was not quite funny for Minni. She disliked it with passion but still preferred it to buying processed and imported fish. She held a knife, removed the fish head, took out the guts, and cleaned it before scaling. As she was about to open the fish stomach with a knife, she felt something strange moving.

A Strange Bump

She held the fish and felt a hard lump in the middle of the body. She checked well to be sure it wasn't an egg in it. But it wasn’t. She paced to and fro in the kitchen with her hands on her waist, trying to figure out what was in the fish. She carefully opened the fish and took out the inside, still wondering if she would find something. All of a sudden, something shiny surfaced, and she started panting for breath.

What's Inside?

After gasping for some seconds, she looked at what was in her palm. She couldn’t believe what was in her hands. She raised the shiny object towards the light, hoping to get a clearer image. It appeared to be a necklace with an anchor pendant. But she couldn't quite figure it out.

The Thought

This was unexplainable to her. She thought of how it had gotten into the fish and how the fish could have swallowed such. As she continued washing, she felt something strange in the fish again.

Screams And Surprises

She gently placed her finger over the lump in the fish, and something moved quickly. This made her scream as she moved away and fell at the kitchen door. Her scream was loud as it echoed through the house and drew the attention of Joel, who was fast asleep. He came by her side, raised her up, and moved closer to see what had made her scream so loudly.

Impending Heart Attack

Minni's heartbeat was very fast, as she was trying to catch her breath. It had been quite a long time since she got shocked like that. "Could you please tell me what's happening?" Joel asked. She couldn't say a word, she just pointed in the direction of the fish. Joel poked the fish flesh and it moved more. It made him wonder how it was possible for a dead fish to behave that way.

It's Moving

The long piece of fish moved like it was still alive. It flunked around, as if searching for air. Minni and Joel stood in shock. They were surprised to see the rest of the body part on the chopping board. Joel tried to poke the fish piece but it kept moving, leaving him puzzled. He left in annoyance in his bedroom.


Minni wondered if the lump in the fish made it move. She was still so scared. She tried to touch the fish again but she couldn't. She immediately took her phone and did some research about the fish on the internet. Nothing prepared her for the results she got.

Finding Answers

While Minni tried to figure out why the fish behaved in such a manner, Joel on his own part filmed the scene. Minni was relieved to find out that it was quite common for fish to move after they are dead. She felt so silly when she discovered the real reason behind the movement.

New Toy

Apparently adding salt could cause the nerves of the dead fish to jolt and move, as if it were still alive. Minnie let out a sign of relief while Joel played with the fish. Then Minni remembered the earlier mystery she had found hiding inside the fish. 

Moment Of Truth

When she explained what had happened and showed Joel the necklace, he became as speechless as Minni felt earlier. Then Joel jokingly asked her whether there was more jewelry she could discover again but she ignored him. She continued pulling the inside of the fish. A small ball came up. The

Tiny Balls

Minni got a handful of these small shiny balls. They both held some in their hands trying to feel what it was. Minni imagined the tiny balls to be beads while Joel continued turning the balls between his finger and thumb. He never knew what it was until he took it to a spot where light shined on it, and he couldn't believe what he had just seen.


"This is amazing," he continued saying as he stood up quickly in excitement from where he sat. "It's a pearl. It's a real pearl, Minni" he said, facing her. She was surprised too. Joel grabbed the pearl and rubbed it against his teeth.

Teeth Test

The best way to know the difference between a real and fake pearl was  to run it against your teeth. A real pearl would feel gritty against your teeth while a fake pearl would feel smooth. This pearl grated against Joel's teeth. They were skeptical about how it got into the fish.

A Fishing Fortune

Apparently, bowfin fish eat anything that moves. They felt that the fish must have had a liking for shining things. The couple was very fortunate to have caught the fish because pearls cost a fortune. It looked like their family was going to be rich!

Expected Reaction

The couple uploaded a video of the moving fish and the treasures they found in the fish. People made comments about how shocked they were to know that treasures could be in a fish while some believed that the couple's adventure wasn't real.


There was a lot of criticism on the couple's posts. Some commented that they should have found the owner of the golden necklace, instead of keeping it. The couple felt that it was impossible to find the real owner. They believed that there was a high chance it fell into the water without the owner being aware.

So Cool

Some people found something interesting about the post. It was such a rare occurrence to have fish come out of the water with hidden treasure  in them.

Not Over

No one could tell how long the necklace had been underwater before it was grabbed by the fish. It could have stayed inside the water for years or decades before the fish found it. Minni thought of the fish she had left in the refrigerator earlier, she quickly went over to grab some fish out wishing to get more treasure like  the fish they had encountered.

Finding The Fillet

Minni moved around the kitchen in deep thoughts. She felt the previous discovery was an amazing adventure and she should try her luck with the other fishes. She opened the sealed pack, placed the frozen fish into a bowl and waited for it to defrost.


Joel stopped cutting tomatoes he had picked from the garden for the meal. He looked at Minni, shook his head and said "Do not expect any treasure from these" . She pushed him away and continued cleaning the fish. She was going to show him.

Fingers Crossed

She felt relieved when the fish she was cleaning didn't move like the one she had cleaned earlier. She placed the knife through the fish belly, placed her fingers inside the belly hoping to discover something new.

Just Fish

There was nothing, she felt sad. It was a normal fish just like the ones they had been catching. She went on and on cutting the other fishes in annoyance hoping to find treasures but all came out the same.