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Mo Brooks Said Former President Didn’t Understand He Couldn’t Remove Biden, Reinstate Trump

Mo Brooks Said Former President Didn’t Understand He Couldn’t Remove Biden, Reinstate Trump

Wednesday morning, Donald Trump withdrew his endorsement of Representative Mo Brooks (R-AL) as a candidate for U.S. Senate, saying that it was because Brooks had gone “woke” by telling voters to focus on the 2022 and 2024 election cycles, rather than the 2020 election, which Trump falsely claimed was “stolen.” Now Brooks has released a statement in response — and it could be the start of a new round of attacks between the two.

UNITED STATES – OCTOBER 23: Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala., talks with reporters in the Capitol Visitor Center outside the Laura Cooper, deputy assistant secretary of defense, deposition related to the House’s impeachment inquiry on Wednesday, October 23, 2019. The Republican members were calling for access to the deposition. (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images)

By mid-afternoon, Brooks had changed his social media profiles, which had previously touted his endorsement, so that now they bear only his own name, without the boast of Trump’s favor. He also released a statement on his website.

He expresses disappointment that Trump “lets Mitch McConnell manipulate him again,” blaming tv ads that Trump had witnessed for swaying the former President to drop his endorsment, though critics speculate that it’s more about Trump not wanting to endorse a losing candidate. He reiterates that he pushed the election disinformation stories “when it counted, between November 3 and January 6,” but says that going forward, it’s more productive to focus on future elections.

Then he drops the bomb: he says that he had to explain to Trump that he, Brooks, did not have the power to remove Biden from office and reinstall Trump therein.

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“President Trump asked me to rescind the 2020 elections, immediately remove Joe Biden from the White House, immediately put President Trump back in the White House, and hold a new special election for the presidency. As a lawyer, I’ve repeatedly advised President Trump that January 6 was the final election contest verdict and neither the U.S. Constitution nor the U.S. Code permit what President Trump asks. Period.”

He also says that he knew being honest with Trump might cost him the former President’s endorsement, but that he chose to defend the Constitution (at least, after January 6th, and after the last perceived chance to reverse the election outcome had passed) over pleasing the leader of the Republican Party.

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