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Mo Brooks Is Now Begging Donald Trump To “Re-Endorse” Him — & His Theory Is Beyond All Imagination

Mo Brooks Is Now Begging Donald Trump To “Re-Endorse” Him — & His Theory Is Beyond All Imagination

Donald Trump said he withdrew his endorsement of Mo Brooks because the Alabama Republican didn’t do enough to support the Big Lie. Observers have questioned whether the decision may have been more related to Brooks falling behind in polling. Now Brooks has an alternative theory, ad he’s begging Trump to re-endorse him in his Senate race.

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Back in March, Donald Trump said he was withdrawing his endorsement of Brooks because Brooks “went woke” at an Alabama rally — in which the Senate candidate suggested that voters might want to focus on upcoming elections, rather than past ones. Brooks insisted that he was in full support of Trump’s election disinformation campaign, and began to grovel.

Still, he did lash back at the former president, exposing that Trump “didn’t understand” that there was no way to just un-elect Joe Biden and declare a Trump win. Trump apparently repeatedly demanded this.

Since then, Brooks has improved his standing with Alabama voters, and his primary is coming up. He’s begging Trump to re-endorse him, and begging “MAGA nation” to help influence the former president to do so.

The most incredible part of Brooks’ missive might be where he invents an alternative motive for Trump’s withdrawal of his endorsement. He claims that it was all a ruse, so that Mitch McConnell would cease supporting campaigns against him.

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“I think President Trump knew what he was doing. He gave our campaign the kick in the pants we needed. He was like a football coach, grabbing us by the face mask, and getting us in gear. Part of me wonders if he also knew that in pulling his endorsement, he’d bait ol’ Mitch into thinking we couldn’t win and get Mitch to stop attacking us. Whether that was the plan or not, it worked and we made it into the runoff.”

Of course, if Trump was only faking his un-endorsement in order to push Brooks and his team to campaign harder, and to thwart a secret plot to oust Brooks, then it seems unlikely the Alabama Republican would have to beg and plead to be re-endorsed, but here we are, and there he is, pressing his face into the proverbial dirt while he begs the MAGA King for a crumb of support.

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