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Mo Brooks Gets A Lesson In The One-Way Nature Of Trump Loyalty As He Loses His Primary

Mo Brooks Gets A Lesson In The One-Way Nature Of Trump Loyalty As He Loses His Primary

How many times has it been said of Donald Trump, that he demands absolute loyalty from everyone around him, but can’t be expected to return the favor? No matter how many of his sycophants learn this, in very public and painful ways, others still hang on, giving her their obeisance and somehow expecting that they won’t suffer the same experience.

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Well, it seems it was representative Mo Brooks’ turn. Despite his vocal dedication to Donald Trump, the former president withdrew his endorsement of Brooks earlier this year, saying that it was because Brooks went “woke.”

What does it mean, exactly, to “go woke” on elections? In this case, apparently it refers to an incident in which Brooks said that it would be a good idea to focus on future elections, rather than past ones — or to be precise, one past election, the one that Donald Trump still can’t admit he lost.

Brooks set out to win back Trump’s favor, and of course, his endorsement. He begged his constituents to contact Trump and encourage him to grant the endorsement back, and he made up a wild theory in which he posits that Trump’s ‘real’ reason for unendorsing him was just so that people ‘attacking’ Brooks would no longer see him as a threat, and would stop the attack ads so Brooks could come back to win.

Yes, it’s twisted and convoluted, but when Brooks made it into the runoff against one other opponent, Katie Britt, he declared that the strategy had ‘worked.’

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Well, if there was such an unlikely strategy, it didn’t work, much. On Tuesday night, Katie Britt — armed with Trump’s endorsement — won the Alabama primary for the U.S. Senate seat Brooks was eying.

In November, Britt, instead of Brooks, will face off against the Democratic candidate, Will Boyd.

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