Mnuchin Blocked Ivanka Trump Appointment to World Bank

According to a new bombshell report from The Intercept, Donald Trump’s own Treasury Secretary was ultimately responsible for preventing Trump’s elder daughter, Ivanka, from being appointed to a role far above her station: President of the World Bank.

Created in 1944, the U.S. has always led the discussion in naming the World Bank’s president in an informal agreement with European leaders, who are given the job of naming the head of the International Monetary Fund (an arrangement that “rather bluntly underscores the Western imperial nature of the international financial institutions”, The Intercept writes). Trump was convinced Ivanka was the right person for the role based on her experience as a VP in the Trump Organization and his senior advisor. But despite enjoying the benefits of nepotism for her entire professional life, Ivanka was blocked from the nomination process.

The Intercept details how two sources, neither authorized to speak publicly, spoke of the discussion around Ivanka at the helm and how it went far beyond the realm of Beltway gossip: Daddy Trump very much wanted Ivanka as World Bank president, and it was Steven Mnuchin who actually blocked her ascent to the leadership role.

Ivanka deflected questions about the World Bank from reporters, saying though her father had brought up the subject with her, she had “declined to pursue the position” as she was “happy with the work” she was doing as his senior adviser. The Intercept details how instead of taking the job for herself after Mnuchin blocked her nomination, Ivanka helped Mnuchin and then-White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney during the selection process. When the Treasury Department announced Undersecretary of the Treasury for International Affairs, David Malpass as the World Bank’s new president, Ivanka released a statement predicting Malpass would be “an extraordinary leader of the World Bank.” Malpass was, in fact, a controversial pick due in large part to his past criticisms of the World Bank, writes The Intercept, but the subtext reads “at least he wasn’t Ivanka”.

Mnuchin often placed himself between Trump and what the Treasury secretary saw as “colossally counterproductive moves”, according to The Intercept. His time as a movie producer gave him the influence that others in the administration lacked and the kind of approval Trump craved from the Hollywood elite. “Mnuchin pushed Trump to name Jerome Powell as head of the Federal Reserve and routinely talked him out of random government shutdowns,” the report says. “His successful effort to talk Trump into the backing and signing the CARES Act was among his other significant achievements. He also had a habit of dodging responsibility for Trump’s worst excesses. On January 6th, he made sure that he was in Sudan.”

Read the full report here.

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