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Mitt Romney Wants To Majorly ‘Up’ Assistance To Every Adult American

Mitt Romney Wants To Majorly ‘Up’ Assistance To Every Adult American

Following a back and forth between House Speaker Nacy Pelosi (D-CA) and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin late last week, an actual aid package was produced last Friday that seeks to deliver much-needed relief to working Americans affected by the Coronavirus.

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However, that package is GOP-lite garbage that contains stipulations that could leave millions of Americans without help.

Democrats in the Senate are already considering several added stimulus packages of their own, one that includes 2012 Republican Prenditial nominee and lone Republican with a functioning frontal lobe Mitt Romney.

Joining plans put forward by Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) and former 2020 Democratic Candidate Andrew Yang, Sen. Romney is proposing legitimate and immediate assistance in the form of $1,000 payment to every adult American due to the coronavirus outbreak

The only Republican who voted for impeachment said Monday that urgent action is needed to aid workers and wants a direct payment included in congressional legislation now being debated. Furthermore, the payments might be evaluated on a month-to-month basis and, in fact, closely resemble Universal Basic Income formulas touted by Yang.

Romney said in a statement:

“The House coronavirus response package contains critical measures to help families in Utah and across the nation in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, and the Senate should act swiftly on this legislation. We also urgently need to build on this legislation with additional action to help families and small businesses meet their short-term financial obligations, ease the financial burden on students entering the workforce, and protect health workers on the front lines and their patients by improving telehealth services.”

“I will be pushing these measures as Senate discussions continue about an additional relief package,” Romney added.

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What can you say: pandemics really make strange bedfellows.

One really has to take solace in the irony of all these neo-liberal capitalist Republicans suddenly espousing Europen style democratic socialism in a matter of a week. It’s pretty shameful that it takes a potential plague to inspire such action from our do-nothing Senate, but desperation can do strange things.

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