Mitt Romney Says Federal Failure In COVID-19 Vaccination Rollout Is Inexcusable; Offers Suggestions

Donald Trump promised that a COVID-19 vaccine would arrive and that as many as 100 million people would be vaccinated before 2020 ended. While there was a collective sigh of relief when pharmaceutical corporations began announcing successes, and the vaccination program has started, it hasn’t been as efficient or speedy as hoped — and Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) is addressing this.

[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]

According to the Washington Post, Trump promised at various times to have as many as 100 million doses of the vaccine delivered by the end of the year. However, by late afternoon on New Year’s Eve, Bloomberg was reporting that only a little over 3 million doses had been administered in the U.S. — and each person requires two doses to be considered vaccinated.

Mitt Romney addressed this in a scathing demand for action, acknowledging that he himself didn’t have the experience and knowledge to do it perfectly, but suggesting that someone in charge should have called on those who do have those capabilities to manage the program. “I know that when something isn’t working, you need to acknowledge reality and develop a plan—particularly when hundreds of thousands of lives are at stake.”

He offered some suggestions for organizing and implementing such a large-scale public health program, such as assigning people a vaccination date based on birthdate and priority level, and setting up vaccination sites in schools, admitting that others with more experience would see flaws he overlooked in his own ideas, but that brainstorming and listening to experts would bring more effective and efficient options.

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