Mitch McConnell Whines About ‘Partisan” COVID-19 Relief — While His Party Skips Vote

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says that the new COVID-19 relief package is partisan, as evidenced by party line voting. However, he neglected to mention that it was members of his own party who simply didn’t show up to vote.

Mitch McConnell says Trump is wrong on COVID-19
[Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images]

The American Rescue Plan is a piece of legislation that would give Americans another stimulus check, expand unemployment insurance, adjust the child tax credit, fund COVID-19 tracing, help fund school reopening, and much more, according to a Washington Post analysis here. However, Senator McConnell says the bill is too partisan.

He compares this bill to several that passed previously, focusing on the fact that those had significant bipartisan support evidenced by votes in Congress. However, for this package, more than a dozen of his own party members weren’t even present for a vote — because CPAC was apparently more urgent.

According to CBS, 13 House Republicans — some of whom have previously decried the idea of a proxy vote — cast their votes long-distance, filing paperwork that said they were unable to attend in person “due to the ongoing public health emergency.”

However, these members were scheduled to speak at CPAC.

While Republicans were skipping the vote, they may not have been listening to their constituents. While McConnell labels the bill ‘partisan’ based on the number of votes in Congress, PolitiFact reports that in fact, a majority of Republican voters polled supported the central provisions of the legislation, when the poll presented the idea without attaching President Joe Biden’s name to it.

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