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Mitch McConnell Wants Mike Pompeo To Leave The White House And Run For A Kansas Senate Seat

Mitch McConnell Wants Mike Pompeo To Leave The White House And Run For A Kansas Senate Seat

In Donald Trump’s Cabinet, where members have frequently resigned or been fired, Mike Pompeo has been a stalwart. As Secretary of State, Pompeo has dealt with delicate situations such as the response to the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

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The fight to control the senate in 2020, however, will be a difficult one for Republicans. With that in mind, Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, has reportedly been urging Pompeo to run for a seat in Kansas. The seat will open up due to the retirement of long-time Senator, Pat Roberts. While Kansas is seen as a red state stronghold, the state’s 2018 Governor’s race was won by Democrat, Laura Kelly.

Before serving as the CIA Director, then Secretary of State, Pompeo was a popular Congressman in Kansas’ 4th District. While being a junior senator may be seen as a less prestigious post than Secretary of State, Pompeo is reportedly considering running. A Washington Post source said Pompeo could see the move as a, “parachute out if things get bad.”

Losing Pompeo, a favorite of the president, would be a dramatic blow for Trump. Pompeo has served the president well, by Trump standards, and his departure would make the 45th POTUS look bad.

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The recruitment by McConnell goes to show that the Majority Leader and the president don’t always have the same goals. Trump wants to keep his best people close and McConnell wants to maintain Republican control of the Senate. McConnell reportedly tried to recruit former Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke, to run against Jon Tester in Montana, but Trump talked Zinke out of it.

Pompeo’s decision to remain or run for office could serve as a good litmus test of Trump. A move to leave the White House could mean that some of his most important people do not believe in his staying power.

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