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Mitch McConnell Thinks Expanding Voting Rights Is “Half-Baked Socialism”

Mitch McConnell Thinks Expanding Voting Rights Is “Half-Baked Socialism”

Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell had quite the outburst on the Senate Floor during a debate on voting rights.  Refusing to allow a vote on a House bill that seeks to expand voting rights, McConnell mistakenly called the Democratic House bill “half-baked socialism.”

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Democrats in the House already passed the ‘For the People Act,’ which aims to make Election Day a federal holiday, require states to offer automatic voter registration, and restore voting rights to convicted felons. Oddly enough, McConnell blasted this anti-corruption and voting rights bill.

Here’s the rant McConnell made on the Senate Floor earlier this month:

“Like many Americans, I’ve spent the last several weeks watching with interest as prominent leaders in the Democratic Party have engaged in a political footrace. They’re sprinting as far left as possible, as quickly as possible, trying to outdo one another. The result is that one of our two major political parties has begun embracing one radical, half-baked socialist proposal after another. It’s really a sight to see, McConnell said.

“First came the Democrat Politician Protection Act, a sweeping Washington D.C. takeover of what Americans can say about politics and how they elect their representatives. Speaker Pelosi and her House colleagues were ready with that from day one of this new Congress. They chose it as their ceremonial first bill of the year – H.R. 1. And let me say, this is quite a piece of legislation to hold up as the defining product of the new Democrat House majority.”

Perhaps nervous that this bill will expand voting rights to individuals who might not vote Republican, McConnell further trashed Democratic efforts at reforming America’s seemingly broken political system.

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“Oh, and it all comes under the guise of — you guessed it — ‘restoring democracy.’ Of course, this sprawling, 622-page doorstop is never going to become law. I certainly don’t plan to even bring it to the floor here in the Senate.”


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