Mitch McConnell Speaks Out Against the Idea of Presidential Immunity

Mitch McConnell does not like Donald Trump and it doesn't take an insider to realize that. The Senate Minority Leader was happy to take advantage of Trump's presidency by placing Supreme Court Justices. And McConnell is still backing Trump mainly because he wants to regain power. 

Still, the Kentucky Senator is happy to chide the former President when the opportunity arises. And McConnell recently argued against the Presidential Immunity claim that the Supreme Court is currently hearing. 

During a recent interview with NBC, McConnell was asked if he though Trump, or any President, should be immune from protection. "Obviously, I don’t think that, but it’s not up to me to make that decision,” he said. “The president clearly needs some kind of immunity, or he’d be in court all the time. So, we’ll just see how the Supreme Court deals with it."

Interviewer Kristin Welker then asked about McConnell's comments after he voted against impeaching Trump. He said at the time that Trump hadn't gotten away with anything else. 

"We’re gonna find out, aren’t we," McConnell asked? I mean, the Supreme Court is going to deal with that direct issue that I was referring to on Feb. 13, 2021. And I think we’ll find out sometime soon.