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Mitch McConnell Signs T-Shirt Celebrating Merrick Garland’s “Death”

Mitch McConnell Signs T-Shirt Celebrating Merrick Garland’s “Death”

While serving as Senate Minority Leader during the presidency of Barack Obama, Mitch McConnell prevented a vote on the Supreme Court nomination of Merrick Garland. The gamble ended up working out for Republicans as Donald Trump was elected President. Neil Gorsuch was eventually appointed to the position which opened upon the death of Antonin Scalia.

Democrats were outraged at the Minority Leader’s unprecedented actions. McConnell, however, appears to be quite proud of what he did. Pictures recently surfaced online of the Kentucky Senator happily signing a t-shirt that memorialized Garland’s “death.”

The shirt McConnell signed, “features Garland’s face surrounded by clouds and the dates 3/16/16 and 1/3/17, with the cursive phrase ‘gone but not forgotten.” The person who had the shirt signed tweeted a picture to Comfortably Smug, the shirts maker, letting them know that the Majority Leader, “loved the shirt.”

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There was a long standing tradition that all Supreme Court nominees would be voted upon. Because of this, Democrats often refer to the seat Gorsuch now occupies as being stolen.

McConnell’s decision to break with that tradition and avoid the vote has seemingly emboldened him. In addition to taking the Scalia seat, Republicans were also able to push through Brett Kavanaugh’s hugely controversial nomination as well.

McConnell has also made a heavy impact on the lower courts. In April of this year, he triggered a nuclear option to push Republican judicial nominees through the nomination process at a faster pace. Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer said of the decision, “I’m so sorry that my Republican colleagues have gone along with Sen. McConnell’s debasement of the Senate. This is a sad day in the Senate’s history.”

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