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Mitch McConnell Is Giving Americans The Middle Finger On More Stimulus Relief

Mitch McConnell Is Giving Americans The Middle Finger On More Stimulus Relief

Despite the fact that the real unemployment rate surpassed past 20 percent and the U.S. has now lost 26.5 million jobs, Grand Obstructionist Party Senate Leader Mitch McConnell is giving the middle finger to the millions of Americans struggling to pay their bills after being forced out of their jobs due to COVID-19.

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After passing the biggest stimulus package in history, including sending $1,200 checks to Americans that meet the threshold and tacking on an additional $600 a week in UI benefits until July, McConnell doesn’t appear to want to do more even though many members of Congress, including Republicans, want to.

After pushing forward $480 billion to aid small businesses and hospitals, McConnell shattered the prospect of another immediate round of federal coronavirus relief late on Tuesday, citing the mounting national debt — and he’s looking to delay any prospect of another round of much-needed cash assistance to Americans until the Senate is back in session on May 4th.

“You’ve seen the talk from both sides about acting, but my goal from the beginning of this, given the extraordinary numbers that we’re racking up to the national debt, is that we need to be as cautious as we can be,” he said.

It’s quite interesting, or rather the height of hypocrisy, that McConnell would suddenly care about the national debt. After all, he had no issue driving it up after pushing Trump’s wasteful tax cuts, which only benefited large corporations anyway.

“We need to see how things are working, see what needs to be corrected, and I do think that the next time we pass a coronavirus rescue bill we need to have everyone here and everyone engaged,” said McConnell.

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Well, while he’s “seeing how things are working,” millions of Americans are on the hook for hefty bills. Hence the reason why Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Pramila Jayapal are pushing the Communities (ABC) Act proposal, would provide every American with a BOOST debit card that is preloaded with $2,000.

The card would be reloaded with $1,000 each month until one year after the end of the COVID-19 crisis. But leave it to McConnell to screw over the middle class during a pandemic.

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