Mitch McConnell Boasts About Federal Funding Headed to Kentucky

While the House is controlled by Democrats, the Senate is controlled by Republicans. And Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has let it be known that he does not support sending additional funding to blue states. He went as far as saying that he thinks states like New York and New Jersey should be allowed to go bankrupt.

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Photo Credit Department of Defense

The comments from McConnell drew heavy condemnation from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. That didn’t stop the Kentucky Senator from bragging about funds recently received by his state.

McConnell wrote in a Sunday press release, “As Kentucky continues battling the effects of the coronavirus, I’m proud my CARES Act is providing the vital resources to help communities in need. The unprecedented crisis requires a bold response, and these federal funds from the CDC and Justice Department can help keep families healthy and safe during this challenging time.”

The Senate Majority Leader continued, “As Senate Majority Leader, I’m putting Kentucky’s priorities at the center of the national response and working to deliver the resources to beat this virus.”

As Andrew Cuomo pointed out recently, Kentucky is often the recipient of federal aid. The New York Governor said in late April “New York puts in more money to the federal pot than it takes out. His state takes out more than it puts in. Senator McConnell, who’s getting bailed out here? It’s your state that is living on the money that we generate. Your state is getting bailed out, not my state.”

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