Mitch McConnell Accidentally Handed POTUS a Gift and Joe Biden Ran With It

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) inadvertently handed President Joe Biden a political present on Wednesday when he bragged to constituents in Kentucky about having opposed Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 economic recovery package earlier this year.


“Well, it passed on a straight party-line vote. Not a single member of my party voted for it. So you’re gonna get a lot more money. I didn’t vote for it. But you’re gonna get a lot more money. Cities and counties in Kentucky are getting close to seven or $800 million If you add up the total amount that’ll come into our state – $4 billion – that’s twice what we sent in last year. My advice to members of the legislatures and other public officials is to spend it wisely, because hopefully, this windfall doesn’t come around again,” McConnell said.

“This is not going to be done on a bipartisan basis. This is going to be a hell of a fight over what this country ought to look like in the future and it’s going to unfold here in the next few weeks. I don’t think we’ve had a bigger difference of opinion between the two parties,” he added, referring to the battle over Biden’s massive infrastructure investment proposal.

Watch below via The Hill:

Those federal funds unquestionably helped residents of the Bluegrass State, which is why Biden decided to seize the moment and capitalize on McConnell’s contrarianism during a stop at a school in Illinois where he promoted his infrastructure legislation.

“Mitch McConnell loves our programs. You see what Mitch McConnell said? He told me he wasn’t going to get a single vote in order to allow me to get, with the help of everybody here, that $1.9 trillion tax cut, I mean, excuse me, program for economic growth,” an elated Biden said.

“Look it up, man. He’s bragging about it in Kentucky,” he quipped.

“It’s a great thing for Kentucky. It’s getting $4 billion to help the poor. It’s amazing,” Biden beamed. “Check out Mitch McConnell. You can even see it on TV. Anyway, thanks.”

Watch below via The Hill:

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