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Missouri Newspaper Tears Into ‘Frankenhawley’ for ‘Gross, Blatant Hypocrisy’

Missouri Newspaper Tears Into ‘Frankenhawley’ for ‘Gross, Blatant Hypocrisy’

The editorial board of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Thursday unloaded on Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) for “gross, blatant hypocrisy” and called upon Missouri state Republicans to prevent Hawley from getting reelected in 2024.

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“The party might have a chance of reclaiming its national leadership mantle and avoiding self-destruction. But it’ll take some brave souls and hard choices,” the editors wrote.

The editorial referenced a Bulwark podcast interview with former GOP Senator John Danforth, who on Monday shared his disappointment with Hawley’s abysmal performance.

“My hope would be that maybe Josh himself would have a primary opponent” in the next election, Danforth said.

If the 2018 election – in which Hawley unseated Democrat Claire McCaskill – were held today, Danforth “would never vote for Josh,” he said.

The editors proclaimed:

That’s a major statement of disgust from a Republican elder statesman known for measuring his words carefully and rarely if ever breaking from his own party. But break he and other Republican moderates must, because Hawley is dangerous if left unattended by the adults in the party.

Hawley, along with Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), were all too willing pawns in the January 6th siege on the United States Capitol that was spearheaded by former President Donald Trump. Numerous elected officials and newspapers have called for Hawley’s expulsion or resignation from the Senate.

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The Post-Dispatch wrote of Hawley:

Gross, blatant hypocrisy has been the key to the junior Missouri Senator’s success. He seems capable of saying anything at any time to please the Trumpian masses with utter disregard to the consequences or how far his comments veer from traditional Republican values. The party of Lincoln, which during the Civil War stood for national healing and unification, became the party of division under Hawley and President Donald Trump. Hawley’s mission today is to keep exploiting those divisions for his own advancement.

Danforth added that the militant populism Hawley has embraced “is a disease that’s infected the country, but particularly Republican politics. The former Senator added that Hawley has convinced his constituents that they are victims of a “conspiracy of liberals and corporations. They’re out to get you, and they’re out to get me. It is the style of politics that appeals to grievance and creates division.”

On the subject of Trump’s failed coup, Hawley “was certainly lighting the match in the middle of the forest,” Danforth, who regrets having endorsed Hawley in the past, told Bulwark. “I feel I guess a little like Dr. Frankenstein must’ve felt, a part of creating something that was really wrong.”

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