Missouri GOP Candidate Pushes George Floyd Conspiracy Theory — Says Death Was Faked

One particularly egregious conspiracy theory regarding George Floyd’s death is that the whole thing was faked. Purveyors of this particular false claim say that the video was pieced together with multiple different individuals, and that the real George Floyd died in 2016. Especially unfortunately, one of the people pushing this narrative is running for Congress.

gop conspiracy theory george floyd
HOUSTON, TEXAS – JUNE 09: People follow watch as a horse-drawn hearse containing the remains of George Floyd makes its way to the Houston Memorial Gardens cemetery on June 9, 2020 in Houston, Texas. Floyd died May 25 while in Minneapolis police custody, sparking nationwide protests. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

George Floyd died under the knee of then-Officer Derek Chauvin. The death was captured on video, and Chauvin has been fired, arrested, and charged with murder. Three other officers who witnessed the death have been charged with aiding and abetting in the murder.

However, Dr. Winnie Heartstrong, who is running to represent Missouri’s 1st Congressional district in the U.S. House, appears to think otherwise. She shared a conspiracy site Tuesday, along with several screenshots of text that she suggests are evidence of “deep fakery” in Floyd’s death. She offers no evidence whatsoever for this theory.


Her ‘report’ is titled A Citizens’ Investigative Report On The Use Of Deep Fake Technology, and the screenshots of it urge Black Americans to “stop being so emotional,” and asserts that Floyd actually died in 2016, and was portrayed in the video by Stephen Jesse Jackson.

“However, the person in the arrest video is neither Floyd nor Jackson but a composite of the both men using deep fake technology. Similarly, we theorize that Officer Derek Chauvin in the arrest video is also a composite.”

Earlier this month she released a video of herself wearing a Keep America Great cap and describing an elaborate conspiracy theory about Floyd’s murder being faked, proudly sharing a post and boasting that a Madrid account for the conspiracy network QAnon was making her video go viral.

George Floyd was pronounced dead in Missouri on May 25, 2020, and laid to rest in Texas on June 9th, after two autopsies to investigate the cause of death.

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