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Missouri Democrat Senate Candidate Mocks “Mansion Man McCloskey” In Campaign Video

Missouri Democrat Senate Candidate Mocks “Mansion Man McCloskey” In Campaign Video

Democrat Lucas Kunce, who’s running for the Missouri Senate seat being vacated by Republican Roy Blount, made a quite generous offer to “Mansion Man” Mark McCloskey, the Republican St. Louis attorney who’s facing felony weapons charges and also is running for the seat.

The former Marine, who served 13 years in the military and did tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, dropped a campaign video on Wednesday in which he offered McCloskey “U.S. Marine-led weapons training class” if the would apologize for pointing an assault rifle at peaceful Black Lives Matter protestors as they walked past his mansion last June and “threatened (them) with deadly force.” The incident, in which McCloskey hugs the AR-15-type weapon to the wrong side of his chest and his wife, Patricia, points a handgun at protestors with her right index finger on the trigger, came to symbolize White fear over the BLM movement.

The video opens with Kunce standing in the woods, chambering a round in his semi-automatic rifle and aiming at a distant target. He then declares, “You know what? I don’t have to do this type of thing. I kinda got my fill of carrying one of these around in Iraq and Afghanistan. Stunts like that are for the clowns on the other side, like that ‘Mansion Man’ Mark McCloskey.” He referred to McCloskey as “that guy who got his 15 minutes of fame waving one of these weapons of war around at a bunch of people who were walking by his mansion. And now he somehow thinks that qualifies him to be a U.S. senator.”

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Kunce’s video also encourages viewers to go to the new website he created, mansionmanmark.com. On the website he says that the “embarrassing episode” hasn’t been taken well by McCloskey. “He said seeing images of himself that day caused him ‘humiliation’ and that his ‘life has been ruined.’ Unfortunately for McCloskey, the embarrassment of the episode will likely continue, as his trial for unlawful use of a weapon is set for Nov. 1, 2021.”

The website states that Kunce “earned the Marine Expert Rifle and Expert Pistol badges numerous times and spent thousands of hours responsibly wielding firearms while serving in the Marine Corps. He knows what he’s doing. That’s why he’s challenged Mansion Man Mark to apologize to all those people he threatened — and in exchange, Lucas will give him one Marine-led training so he can learn the weapons he’s parading around aren’t toys. They have a time and place, and pointing one outside your mansion at a crowd of people isn’t ever it.”

Kunce is running as a progressive candidate, not accepting any corporate PAC money and calling for universal health care, legalizing marijuana and breaking up corporate monopolies. He announced his candidacy in March for the seat being vacated by retiring Republican Sen. Roy Blount. McCloskey announced his run for the office last month.

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