Milwaukee Attorney, Stephanie Rapkin Spits In Black Teenage Protester’s Face: Now, She’s In Custody

Milwaukee attorney Stephanie Rapkin, is the 64-year old woman identified as the person who, when allegedly surrounded by a group of protesters, used her car to block their path. In Shorewood, a suburb outside of Milwaukee, an older woman had been reported to have been surrounded by a group of protesters. According to reports, the woman then used her car to block the path of the protesters.

In the video, the crowd can be seen telling the woman to go back to her car, but she obviously refuses, arguing all the time with the crowd. The woman then grabs her purse and begins to yell, Don’t touch me!” As tensions continued to escalate, the woman is seen hurling a huge spitball at one of the Black men in the crowd. The crowd immediately went ballistic.

According to a report in the Urban Milwaukee, Rapkin parked in the street with the sole intent to obstruct the marchers and then spit in a teenager’s face while standing on the sidewalk.” The incident was captured on video by Caress Gonzalez Ramirez and attorney Stephanie Rapkin, 64, was led from her home in handcuffs Saturday night at around 10:00 p.m. According to the report, “the Shorewood Police Department said she was in custody, but not yet charged. The case has been referred to the Milwaukee County District Attorney.”

Protesters were quickly able to identify Rapkin, thanks to the personalized license plate of her car, which was left in the street. Other marchers throughout the Milwaukee are were otherwise reported as peaceful.


In an exclusive phone call with hillreporter.com, Ms. Rapkin told me just moments ago, “They were rebels, and they were attacking me. What was I supposed to do?” I then asked Ms. Rapkin if she thought it was believable that the reaction of a 64-year old woman, and an attorney, “surrounded by rebels” would be to spit at one of the “attackers?” One thing for sure, it is clear from the video that Rapkin DID spit at the teenager, and on the phone…that is a fact, she never denied. Rapkin also denied that she used her car to block the protesters, but the overwhelming number of people in the crowd have contradicted Rapkin’s version of this story. This is a story the courts will have to decide. Rapkin, since her arrest, has now been released pending her court appearance.

Stephanie Rapkin
Photo: Urban Milwaukee

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