Million MAGA March? Not So Much

One week after Joe Biden and Kamala Harris secured their path to the White House by crossing the all-important Electoral College vote threshold of 270, and one day after the races in both Georgia and Arizona put Biden at a final count of 306, angry Trump supporters took to the streets of Washington, DC to show their Dear Leader that they’re as happy to deny math as they are science. And staying with the theme of pretending numbers are just things anyone can bend to their will, White Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany has gone full Sean Spicer in overinflating just how many people turned out for the “Million MAGA March” rallies.

The rallies are part of the ongoing protests related to Trump’s loss, as supporters have been gathering sporadically to contest the election results and show support for Trump’s legal battle against President-elect Joe Biden’s victory. On Friday, Trump’s chances of winning that battle dimmed even further when nine of the cases he filed were dropped and more Republican officials began voicing their support for the traditional peaceful transfer of power.

McEnany tweeted what was clearly a fake photo of a larger crowd than those on the ground had captured, and was quickly fact-checked and called out by sharp-eyed Twitter users. While it’s unlikely an accurate tally will ever be known, there was a sizable crowd in attendance and plenty of mayhem and clashing ensued. According to the Washington Post, Biden and Trump supporters exchanged profanities, threw bottles and debris at each other, and shouted threats at anti-Trump onlookers. The Washington D.C. police department said they have arrested 10 people in connection with the rally and four of those arrests were for firearms violations.

Trump’s motorcade drove through a series of Trump rallies as he headed to his private golf course in Sterling, Virginia, which is where he found out he lost the presidential election exactly a week ago today as well.

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