Military Will Escort Donald Trump From White House If He Refuses To Leave, Says Biden

An oft-expressed concern about the 2020 election is that, if Donald Trump doesn’t win, as the incumbent, he may just refuse to leave. A former Trump insider even postulated that the president’s supporters would rise up in armed insurrection to keep Trump in office. However, the presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, says that he believes if Trump tries it, the U.S. Military will act to help remove the president physically from the building.

donald trump to be escorted from white house if he won't leave
[Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

Joe Biden appeared on Trevor Noah’s Daily Show Wednesday night, and expressed that a particular concern is that the incumbent president would refuse to leave office if he doesn’t win. Trump, who has argued through his legal counsel that the presidency grants him immunity from prosecution, could have a lot to lose when his term ends. However, Biden also expressed confidence in the nation’s armed forces, saying that if Trump did indeed refuse to leave his position, there would be firm action.

The president has been laying the foundation to discredit a loss, with tweets suggesting that mailed ballots and other efforts to make voting more accessible would facilitate fraud.

Notably, the National Conference of State Legislatures’ voting information reminds us that several states already hold their elections entirely by mail-in ballots, about two-thirds of all states allow any voter to mail a ballot, without giving a reason, and all states will allow a voter to mail their ballots under certain circumstances. There has been no evidence offered to support that this has been exploited in fraud in any significant degree.

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