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Miles Taylor Posts Long Tweet Storm on Donald Trump’s Misogyny

Miles Taylor Posts Long Tweet Storm on Donald Trump’s Misogyny

The Republicans have a full blown problem with females. Women voters helped along a blue wave in 2018 and if the 2020 polls or true, they will vote for Joe Biden by a landslide in 2020. Mike Pence didn’t help the party with women voters when he repeatedly interrupted Kamala Harris during Wednesday night’s debate.

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Miles Taylor, who once served at the Department of Homeland Security’s Chief of Staff says the Trump administration’s issues with women is even worse than it seems. The former Trump staffer posted a long Twitter thread about the issue on Sunday afternoon.

Taylor began the stream, “The polls how Donald Trump losing badly with women. He’d be doing worse if they saw the misogyny I witnessed inside the Trump Administration.”

He continued, “I’ll never forget the time Donald Trump hailed a female aide into the Oval Office from the hallway, only to realize it was a more junior aide. “Whoa, I thought you were XXXXX, and I was going to say, ‘You’ve lost a lot of weight!’”

The former White House staffer then wrote, “I’ll never forget Donald Trump bullying a female advisor to the point that she confessed: ‘This is the most emotionally abusive relationship I’ve ever been in.'”

Taylor closed his tweetstorm writing, “There are more…but I wonder what stories the women who spent time with Donald Trump won’t (or can’t) forget.”

You can read the entire thread here.


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