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Miles Taylor: Olivia Troye’s Biden Endorsement Will “Start A Chain Reaction”

Miles Taylor: Olivia Troye’s Biden Endorsement Will “Start A Chain Reaction”

Back in August, Miles Taylor posted a video blasting his former boss, President Donald Trump. Taylor had served as Chief of Staff to Kirstjen Nielsen, who was formerly the Secretary of Homeland Security. The former staffer said that he was not the only administration member who felt this way.

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This week, Taylor was proven right, when Olivia Troye endorsed Joe Biden. Troye had served as an adviser to Mike Pence. During a recent interview on CNN, Taylor said that he expected Troye’s announcement to “start a chain reaction.”

The former DHS staffer made the comments on CNN’s New Day. He told host John Berman, that Troye was, “an honest civil servant” and “someone who had a front row seat to this White House and this president’s and the vice president’s decision-making.”

Taylor continued, “People are so affected by what they say in Donald Trump’s White House that they feel like they have no other choice than to risk their careers and their reputations and their personal lives to come out and actually say what happened in this administration.”

The former Trump administration member also made a prediction about Troye’s recent stance, referring to her as, “a domino that’s going to start a chain reaction of more people having the courage to speak up about this president.”

You can watch a clip of Taylor’s comments below, courtesy of CNN:


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