Miles Taylor Offers Pro-Bono Legal Support to Trump Officials Looking to Speak Out

There can’t be too many people working in the Trump Administration who feel safe right now. A number of top Trump officials, including Kellyanne Conway, Kayleigh McEnany and Stephen Miller have now contracted the coronavirus. And when Donald Trump returned to the White House last night, he did so while not wearing any kind of face covering.

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So if there were some officials who were on the fence about blowing the whistle on actions within the Trump administration, now would seem like a good time to do so. Former DHS Chief of Staff Miles Taylor tried to give those people a push on Tuesday night by offering to pay for their legal services.

Taylor took to Twitter, writing, “To current & former Trump Administration officials: we have secured top-tier, pro bono legal counsel to advise those looking to speak out about the President. We’ve got your back. My DMs are open.”

The former DHS official was among the first to speak out against the president. He said in a video that Trump refused to take any of the concerns on the department seriously. Taylor was later joined in speaking out by former Pence staffer Olivia Troye and another former DHS staffer, Elizabeth Neumann. Neumann claimed that the president was “pouring fuel on the fire of right-wing extremism.”

Time will tell if anyone will take Taylor up on his offer.

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