Miles Taylor: More Ex-Trump Officials to Come Out Against President I’m Coming Days

Miles Taylor was a pretty important figure In the Trump White House. He served as the Department of Homeland Security Chief if Staff for much of 2019. And just last month, Taylor appeared in a video slamming his old boss and endorsing his opponent Joe Biden.

When Taylor made the rounds after the video, he promised that he would not be the last former Trump staffer to speak out against the President. And during a Saturday appearance on CNN, he said those people would be speaking out against the President in the coming days.

Host Ana Cabrera asked the security expert, “Do you know of anybody else who plans to come forward before the election?”

Taylor responded, “I hate to tease this, but as you would expect, Ana, I’ve been pretty actively involved in trying to give people the confidence to come out and say what they need to say and not to fear this president. And I do think in the coming days here I’m going to have some news for you in that regard.”

The former DHS staffer continued, “And I think we will have more folks attaching their names to direct criticism of the president stepping out of the shadows and not being anonymous. We don’t need more anonymous sources, right now. We need people on the record and I think you’ll see that.”


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