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Miles Taylor Hints at a New Republican Group That Will Have Trump “Shaking in His Boots”

Miles Taylor Hints at a New Republican Group That Will Have Trump “Shaking in His Boots”

There are many, many Republicans who are happy to go along with Donald Trump and whatever he wants to do. This has been clear during this weekend’s CPAC conference where Trump has been treated like more of a deity than a political candidate.

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But there are plenty of prominent former Republicans willing to speak out against the 45th president. Miles Taylor, who was a DHS staffer in Trump’s administration, is one of them. And on Sunday, Taylor hinted at a new anti-Trump group that will have the former president “shaking in his boots.”

The former Republican told Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser, “Donald Trump can’t get to 50 percent. We just saw this in the most recent election, he cannot win elections. We’ve got to be able to, in the Republican Party, have someone who is a standard-bearer that can get us over 50 percent to win elections. He can’t, he lost in spectacular fashion in this election and that’s why I think it’s entirely inappropriate for us to continue to put him forward as the leader of this party.”

Taylor continued:

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“I’m happy to share with you today a little bit of a tease. I can’t give you all the information, but we’re about to make an announcement in the very near future that’s going to make Donald Trump have the worst heartburn he’s had in the post-presidency. We’re going to be channeling this movement to challenge him to create an insurgency within and without the GOP to drive forward towards a better center-right political movement than Donald Trump can put together. It’s something he’s going to have to contend with. You’re aware of the fact that we’ve been having conversations with very prominent people in the GOP and ex-Republicans about where we go beyond Trump, how do we move beyond Trump. You’re going to hear from us in the month of March about what’s coming next.”


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