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Miles Taylor Discloses That Kevin McCarthy Was Part Of Effort To Counter Trump During Presidency

Miles Taylor Discloses That Kevin McCarthy Was Part Of Effort To Counter Trump During Presidency

Miles Taylor rocked MAGAworld with an anonymous op-ed in 2018, in which he let the world know that there was a coalition of Republicans inside the government working to counter the worst of Donald Trump’s impulses. He later revealed his identity, and has since worked openly against Trumpism. Now, he’s disclosing the identity of at least one of those who worked with him — at exactly the moment that Kevin McCarthy is in the spotlight over his comments about Trump.

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Kevin McCarthy denied saying that Donald Trump should resign from the presidency after January 6th. Then the audio was released. On separate recordings, McCarthy can be heard telling Liz Cheney that he would urge Trump to resign, and expressing his frustration with Trump and recognition that the then-president held responsibility for the attack.

Donald Trump has not yet responded to actions that many expect him to deem as a betrayal, and McCarthy has issued no new denials since the evidence was released.

However, Miles Taylor has another disclosure: McCarthy was a member of the secret group that was working from within the government to carry out what he calls the “Trump inoculation plan,” limiting how much damage Trump could do while in office.

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Will McCarthy deny that too, Taylor wonders?

Trump has raged about the anonymous op-ed, and following its release, demanded to know who was behind it and who was working against him. The Guardian reported at the time that Trump had aides collecting denials from government officials, ranging from Vice President Mike Pence to director of national intelligence Dan Coats, through virtually every top advisor and official in the White House.

If Taylor is going to start naming names, other top Republicans are likely to also land in Trump’s bad graces.

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