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Mike Pompeo Uses His Office To Spread Christianity to World Leaders

Mike Pompeo Uses His Office To Spread Christianity to World Leaders

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently took part in a digital conference call with far-right-wing religious leader Tony Perkins. Perkins is the President of the Family Research Council. The FRC describes itself as follows: “Family Research Council is a Christian public policy ministry in Washington D.C. defending religious liberty, the unborn & families.” Perkins and Pompeo, along with other Christian pastors discussed using Pompeo’s powerful role as Secretary of State to promote his Christianity to world leaders utilizing the Commission on Unalienable Rights.

Pompeo, known for espousing extremist views during his time as a Kansas congressman, is looking to join forces with the far-right Commission on Unalienable Rights. RightWingWatch points out that the Commission has caused a great deal of concern among human rights advocates. Those in the LGBT community point out that Pompeo’s remarks during the call all but confirm his desire to limit the human rights of LGBTQ people.

Here were Pompeo’s remarks via RightWingWatch:

“But we have watched the State Department, this concept of human rights just be trampled upon where everything became a human right, and things that we all know as Christian believers aren’t part of the inherent dignity of a human being became rights, and we would send out cables all across the world saying, well, we have to go do this because that’s part of some right or human right, and it was—it ran—it didn’t have a moral underpinning or logic to it. And I think it will return America’s understanding of human rights—at least at the State Department, I hope more broadly—back to the fundamental moorings of the Judeo-Christian tradition on which this country was founded.”

But the real hypocrisy comes when Pompeo revealed that he’s also used his tax-payer funded official travels to evangelize.

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“I’ve been unabashed in my role as Secretary of State to talk about the fact that I swore an oath to the Constitution, but that my first calling is to my Savior. And I’ve made that something that I tell world leaders, whether I’m with President Sisi in Egypt or whomever, whatever faith they may be of or of no faith. And we’ve watched some of us be called out for that, to think that, to say that we don’t care about science, that we don’t care about the rule of law, all the things that I know we all care so deeply about.”

Mike Pence and Secretary of State Pompeo have no issue with using their secular positions to promote their own versions of Christianity. Much like Mike Pence, Pompeo seems to be oblivious to the fact his boss is often described as a philandering, pathologically-lying reprobate, who cheated on his latest wife with a pornstar.

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