Mike Pompeo Likens Ex National Security Advisor John Bolton To Edward Snowden

Many in the Trump administration are not happy with the release of ex Security Advisor John Bolton’s new book. The book is a tell-all covering Bolton’s time in the White House, entitled The Room Where it Happened. One person who is not happy is Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo. Pompeo has taken to likening Bolton to Edward Snowden. Snowden is the former NSA contractor who leaked classified information to journalists before escaping to Russia.

Pompeo made the comments on Monday the night before Bolton’s book was to be released. The book is titled “The Room Where It Happened.” The book makes serious accusations against President Trump. Pompeo said in an interview with Fox News, “Frankly, the information he has released puts criminal liability squarely on him.” He added, “We all saw what’s happened when people leak classified information like Edward Snowden. What John Bolton did here is not dissimilar to that.” Pompeo went on to say, “This kind of information getting out, it presents real risk and real harm to the United States of America.”

Bolton’s book talks about his 17 months as National Security Advisor. One accusation the book makes is that Trump is not “fit for office.” Bolton also accuses Trump of “pleading” with the President of China to help him with getting reelected in November. Trump and Pompeo have been sea sawing between calling the book ‘fiction” and claiming that Bolton is revealing sensitive information. The White House attempted to block the book from coming out but a judge denied them.

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