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Mike Pompeo Defends Trump’s Plan to Meet With the Taliban

Mike Pompeo Defends Trump’s Plan to Meet With the Taliban

Last night, Donald Trump told Americans of a plan he had to meet with leaders of the Taliban at Camp David. According to the President the meeting was cancelled after the Taliban committed an act of violence that killed an American soldier in Kabul.

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The surprising plan was almost immediately condemned by politicians on both sides of the aisle. Today, Mike Pompeo appeared on Fox News where he discussed the plan and referred to it as a necessary means to end the conflict in Afghanistan.

The Secretary of State told the hosts, “We’re looking for more than words on paper. We’re looking for real delivered commitment, and the Taliban demonstrated either that they weren’t willing to or couldn’t live up to the commitment they needed to make to reduce violence there.”

Pompeo wasn’t the only conservative to defend the President. Chair of the House Republican Congress, Liz Cheney, praised Trump for cancelling the meeting, though she did not mention that he had scheduled it in the first place. She tweeted, “Camp David is where America’s leaders met to plan our response after al Qaeda, supported by the Taliban, killed 3000 Americans on 9/11. No member of the Taliban should set foot there. Ever. The Taliban still harbors al Qaeda. The President is right to end the talks.”

Of course, there was also heavy criticism for Trump’s plan from both Democrats and Republicans. Illinois congressman, Adam Kinzinger replied to Trump’s tweet, writing, “Never should leaders of a terrorist organization that hasn’t renounced 9/11 and continues in evil be allowed in our great country. NEVER. Full stop.”

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