Mike Pence Was “On Standby” To Take Over When Donald Trump Was Taken To Walter Reed

In a book being released Tuesday, author Michael Schmidt shares information about the president’s visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Concern for Donald Trump’s condition had Vice President Mike Pence on standby, ready to take over if necessary.

when cerebral events sent trump to hospital, mike pence prepped to be pres
[Photo by Al Drago for The Washington Post via Getty Images]

Schmidt, a New York Times reporter, says in Donald Trump v. The United States that Trump’s health raised concern for his ability to continue in his role. When Trump made an unannounced trip to Walter Reed in November 2019, the nation speculated on the cause. Trump’s representatives said he was just getting a jump on his annual physical. However, according to Raw Story, Schmidt’s book will reveal that it was serious enough that the White House asked Mike Pence to be prepared to take over if the president had to be anesthetized.

The White House has not officially confirmed that Trump has had a series of mini-strokes, but author Don Winslow says that multiple whistleblowers have reached out to him to report that these are being kept under wraps. Further, the president keeps talking publicly about having been given the Montreal Cognitive Assessment — which is given when mental decline or damage to mental function is suspected.

Schmidt made clear Monday that his book does not specifically mention “cerebral events,” only describes that the White House wanted Pence prepared to step in if necessary. The book relies on interviews, confidential sources within the White House and Federal law enforcement, and White House and FBI documents some of which have never been made public.

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