Mike Pence Tweets Picture With Officer Wearing QAnon Patch

Vice President Mike Pence posted a tweet on Friday that showed him posing with several Florida law enforcement officers, including one who was wearing a badge associated with the QAnon conspiracy theory movement. The post has since been deleted.

Pence was tweeting about his visit to Florida and the photo showed him greeting Broward County Sheriff’s Office SWAT-team members at an airport, according to The Hill.

“Grateful for the courageous members of law enforcement who helped with my visit to Florida this afternoon,” Pence said in the Twitter post, adding, “Thank you for everything you do to help keep our communities SAFE. Great to meet you!”

Mike Pence
Photo Credit: Twitter.com/VP

In the photo, an officer standing to Pence’s right was wearing a patch with the letter “Q,” an apparent reference to “QAnon,” emblazoned on it.

The original tweet was deleted and later Pence tweeted another version of the post that omitted the original image showing the SWAT-team member with the patch.

“The patch is not authorized by BSO. This matter will be addressed immediately,” said a spokesperson for the Broward County Sheriff’s Office in a statement to the Miami New Times.

QAnon is a group that believes in a conspiracy theory about a “deep state” plot against President Trump. The persona known as Q claims to be a high-ranking security official in the Trump administration and QAnon, which has several subReddits and a Facebook group, also believes that a vast pedophile ring exists among elites.

Trump met with Lionel Lebron, a QAnon leader, at the White House in August.

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