Mike Pence To Skip CPAC After MAGA Wanted Him Dead

The Republican Party is on a strange cusp in which it must decide, again and again, whether it is the party of Donald Trump. For the purposes of CPAC, at least, the party seems to have answered in the affirmative. Mike Pence, however, who never wavered in his support of Trump in four years as vice president, doesn’t seem to agree.

Mike Pence to skip CPAC
[Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]

Former Vice President Mike Pence would seem like an ideal candidate to speak at CPAC — he’s a longtime Republican, has held a lot of conservative support, and has done multiple turns in elected office, including as a Representative for the state of Indiana, and Governor of the same, before joining Trump in the White House. However, in the last weeks of his Vice Presidency, things soured for Pence.

Trump was very openly unhappy with his VP, the more so as Pence made it clear he wouldn’t — couldn’t, didn’t have the power to — help overturn the election results in Trump’s favor. Trump criticized him publicly, and the former president’s supporters attacked.

“Hang Mike Pence!” they chanted, at a January 6th protest that turned into a deadly insurrection attempt, and Pence was rushed off the Senate floor to safety.

According to HuffPost, Pence has now turned down an invitation to speak at CPAC, which, with the addition of Trump as a speaker, seems to be signaling a lean more towards the Party of MAGA than Classic Conservative. In fact, beyond refusing to give a speech, Pence may not even attend the conference.

Still, according to Politico, Pence isn’t completely persona non grata in Republican circles — he’ll be launching a new podcast in coming months, working with the conservative Young America‚Äôs Foundation.

Still, if the Republican party is dividing into two parts, Pence may be deciding the MAGA side is not for him after all.

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