Mike Pence Thinks Kamala Harris Is Coming For His Meat — Internet Is In An Uproar

Mike Pence warned voters in Iowa that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are coming for their meat. Yes, their red meat — he says Biden and Harris want to “cut America’s meat.” He’s talking about a possible change in dietary guidelines, that make suggestions on the healthiest choices, but speaking to a crowd, he appears to imply that changing a recommendation would somehow force people to comply and eat less red meat. When the video clip hit social media, though, Pence was the one getting roasted.

Mike Pence Says He has red meat
[Screenshot via Trump War Room/YouTube]

In the clip below from The Recount, Mike Pence warns, “Senator Kamala Harris said she would change the dietary guidelines…to reduce the amount of red meat Americans can eat.” Nodding at his own words, he goes on, “Well, I’ve got some red meat for ya. We’re not gonna let Joe Biden and Kamala Harris cut America’s meat!”

There has long been amusement in the public over the fact that Mike refers to his wife as “Mother.” This quickly came into play.

Of course, “I’ve got some red meat for you!” was a crowd-pleaser in itself.

And there are some meat jokes that the internet will never pass up.

Twitter is pretty united in agreement that the only thing funnier than meat is Vice President Mike Pence talking about it.

One thing Pence did not mention to his crowd is that dietary guidelines are not laws, and are not binding. They’re recommendations for the healthiest choices. If a cookie package says that three cookies is a serving, and someone sits down and eats a dozen, nobody breaks down a door and slaps on handcuffs. Grocery stores don’t ration food purchases based on suggested serving size. If the recommended amount of red meat is reduced, it won’t stop anyone from ordering a steak of any size. Kamala Harris and Joe Biden aren’t taking away anyone’s freedom to choose what meat they want, and how much of it.

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