Mike Pence Holds Maskless, Distance-Free Event, After Herman Cain’s Death From COVID19 Contracted At Rally

Vice President Mike Pence shared photos from a Cops For Trump event Thursday. In the photos, it appears there is no social distancing in effect, and very few attendees are wearing masks. While this has been the standard for Trump rallies and events, it’s somewhat jarring to see on the same day that Herman Cain’s death from COVID-19, reportedly contracted at a maskless, distance-free Trump rally, is reported.

Mike Pence holds maskless rally
[Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

In a Thursday tweet, Mike Pence thanked Pennsylvania police officers and said that he stands with law enforcement. He appended several photos from the event. A few of the images show the crowd clearly — and it is a crowd. Reports say there were hundreds gathered to hear the Vice President speak, and in photos, they appear to be pressed tightly together, with no COVID-19 precautions in evidence.

A closer look at one of those images, the one that most clearly shows the crowd, is below. You can see a few women to the right of Pence wearing cloth masks, and one bright red mask stands out toward the left, but most of those faces are bare.

Mike Pence not social distancing
[Image via Mike Pence/Twitter]

The Trib Live reports that the crowd was as every bit as big as it appears — two hours before Pence arrived, there were already 250 people gathered, and by the time he spoke, there were around 400 in the audience. An announcement was made to remind attendees about social distancing and masks, but it does not appear to have been enforced.

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